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the birth of sunshine letter co

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

When I started my "business" in 2015, I just sort of threw it together without any real thought. Sweet Lou was a name I'd used for another business of sorts making cakes in college and I just thought hey, I'll keep using that. I created a sloppy logo and threw a few items up on etsy and called it a day. So over the past 5 years, I've gradually tweaked things to try to create a more cohesive brand / identity, but never really felt satisfied. It was never consistent and I didn't feel like I was growing. I haven't feel proud of or connected to the name Sweet Lou Designs for quite some time - but felt intimidated by the idea of changing it and all the work that would entail (and honestly felt really annoyed about all the sweet lou business cards I just ordered that would go to waste).

my first logo, circa 2015. drawn on a piece of paper and scanned.

After much deliberation and asking other small business friends who'd re-branded for some advice -- I decided to take the plunge. This COVID era, coupled with maternity leave + adapting to working very part time with a new baby... really took a toll on my business. And it seemed like the perfect time for a pivot. So! I brainstormed and bounced ideas around and finally settled on a new name. Sat with it for a couple months, tinkering with the logo and colors and other branding ideas, to make sure I really felt the connection.

Brainstorming a new name went a little like this... I started thinking about all the small businesses I was drawn to and what it was about them. Colors, aesthetics, design, social media, websites, etc. I thought about what I wanted my brand and identity to be. Joyful. Hope-filled. Natural. I thought about my favorite color, yellow, and searched in Pintererst "yellow aesthetic" to see what came to mind. And then it just kinda hit me that something with sunshine would be perfect - I feel very connected to sunshine in various ways so I knew this was the winner.

I once heard someone call themselves "solar powered" and have never related to something more. I am giddy for a sunny day and feel like it's wasted if I don't get outside. I feel joyful, inspired and energized -- and that's what I want my brand to put out into the world.

Sunshine also has a deeper meaning to me. My brother Ben passed away in 2006 and my mom always called him sunshine. And now with my own daughter, I sing "you are my sunshine" every time I lay her down for a nap or bedtime. In that way, sunshine feels very dear to me. I've always worked hard to grow in my business and personal life to make Ben proud - and now I hope to share these things with Charlotte. To work hard, have hope, chase your dreams, try new things, and love big.

So there ya have it! I'm so excited about all that is to come with Sunshine Letter Co and feel so proud of this new brand and proud to tell my story.

thanks for being here xo

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