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DIY Valentine Garland

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Happy February!

Sharing a super simple and cute diy garland -- perfect to make with your kids!

Materials + Supplies:

- Yarn

- Conversation heart print-out - affirmation hearts, blank hearts or love hearts

- Colored pencil / crayon / marker

- Scissors

- Hole Puncher


  1. Print out your choice of heart coloring sheet - affirmation hearts, blank hearts or love hearts (or a combo of the three!) Print on regular computer paper, cardstock or colored paper.

  2. Grab some coloring supplies and decorate your hearts.

  3. Cut out hearts and hole punch on either side.

  4. Make pom poms using assorted yarn (super easy tutorial here)

  5. Assemble garland! Start stringing on hearts and use another small piece of yarn to attach pom poms.

  6. Hang up and enjoy your cute new garland!

I'd love to see you crafting and how yours turns out! Tag me @sunshineletterco ❤

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